Friday, May 14, 2010

The other James Bond is
'Def by Tempation'

Def by Temptation (1990)
Starring: James Bond III, Kadeem Hardison and Samuel L. Jackson
Director: James Bond III
Rating: Six of Ten Stars

"Def by Temptation" is the tale of a young preacher-in-training (Bond, who also wrote and directed the flick) who takes a break from his studies to spend time with his childhood friend (Hardison) in NYC, obstensibly to get to know a little about the world. He gets a little more than he bargains for, as he gets caught in the web of a demoness who is single-handedly depopulating a pick-up joint. (The demon preys on human weaknesses, such as lust and greed.) The big question: Will the young preacher remain pure and alive, or will he join the demon's list of victims?

Pacing- and story-wise, this is a standard B-Movie, which is of no surprise, as this is a film from Troma. It's a touch more upscale/serious than a typical Troma release, but it still has its share of humorous moments. The cinematography and lighting is above average... and there's actually a bit of acting going on in a number of scenes! (James Bond III is not one of the highlights, unfortunately.) There are a number of confused moments in the storyline, but none are fatally distracting, so, all in all, this is a fun romp.

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