Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday Scream Queen: Felissa Rose

Born in 1969, Felissa Rose grew up in New York wanting to be an actress. In 1983 at the age of thirteen she landed the role of Angela in the cult horror film "Sleepaway Camp."

That was the only role she played as a child, instead following a path that saw her finish school, college, complete formal training as an actress, and appear in numerous acclaimed stage productions.

In 2000, Rose returned to screen acting. In the past ten years she has been featured in more than 35 different independent horror films, including "Return to Sleepaway Camp" in 2008. At present, she is featured in four different movies in varying stages of production.


  1. She was a cutie back in the original SC - which I'm allowed to say as I was only a couple of years older than her when I saw it. Felissa is also the only Scream Queen I enjoy who has sported...well, that spoiler thing she has at the end of that one movie that I won't mention. I have Return on my Netflix queue but haven't watched it yet. I've actually gotten queasy watching each of the other SC movies, and I'm reticent to watch this new one - can you believe it?

  2. Your comment inspired me to edit out the spoiler that was present in the profile as I originally posted it.

    I try to avoid out-and-out ruining twists, but I've never seen ANY of the "Sleepaway Camp" films yet I know what the "big reveal" is by virtue of reading commentary from folks who have a pathological need to include spoilers. I should have kept to my usual habit and not done it myself. :)