Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Nights of Halloween:
Deja Vu & Milla the Destroyer

The short-film countdown to Halloween continues. Today's offering is bit rough in the sound editing department and the stock music used is a bit overblown, but it still has some effective moments and is brimming with Halloween Spirit! (Bianca Perez may also have a future as a professional screamer!)

Deja Vu (2011) 
Starring: Bianca Perez and Aneudy Garcia
Director: Raifis Rodriguez
Rating: Five of Ten Stars

Special Bonus Feature: Milla the Destroyer, Incarnation One
Supposedly, the ever-so-wise Ancient Mayans foresaw the end of the world sometime late in 2012. And, hey, they must have been right--because not only did the calendar they carved in stone end this year, but the "Cute Cats" calendar hanging in my kitchen ends on December 31st as well! Coincidence? I think not!

So, in observation of this once-in-history event, we're offering images of Milla Jovovich posing as the different ways the Earth might be come to an end. Just like no one knows exactly what day doom will come to us all, you will never know when another image of Milla the Destroyer will appear as the 31 Days of Halloween unwind.

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