Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Scream Queen: Leah Rudick

After almost a year, Terror Titans is stirring. Will it come roaring back to life like Dracula after some fool pulls the stake from his heart, or will it return to its slumber?

Time will tell. Today, though, we have what I hope will be the first entry in the return of the Saturday Scream Queen actress profiles.

Meet Leah Rudick. She's a New York City-based comedienne who has busted many a gut with appearances in sketch comedy on the YouTube and Funny or Die websites. She has also toured with world with her comedy troupe Skinny Bitch Jesus. Her horror credits include the 2006 chiller "Bloody Mary" and the horror comedies "Kids Go Into the Woods... Kids Get Dead" (2009), and Kids Get Dead 2: The Kids Get Deader 2 (2014).

Leah Rudick as a blonde

The "Kids Get Dead" films are homages to the 1980s-style slasher films, and Rudick portrays the "Survivor Girl" who lived through the massacre in the first film and into the sequel. How long she lasts in the follow up remains to be seen.

I mean that literally... I have no idea how bit Rudick's part is in the sequel, although she has top billing so I assume it's not small. "Kids Get Dead 2" has its New York City premiere tonight, June 21. I was sent an invite, but since I am on the wrong coast, I am not able to attend. I was hoping to have time to watch the screener by this afternoon, but a crappy internet connection and the fact the physical screener hasn't shown up in the post yet have made that impossible, too.

But... as Terror Titans heaves itself from the grave, I'm sure a "Kids Get Dead 2" review will materialize eventually.

Leah Rudick as a redhead

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  1. Welcome back, Steve! Ms. Rudick is a toothsome morsel with either hair color - but I favor the blonde because that's how I roll...