Monday, October 10, 2016

31 Nights of Halloween: Dimensions of Horror

I absolutely cannot stand the style of metal (death metal, typically) where the lead vocalist, at best, sounds like Cookie Monster from "Sesame Street" and, at worst, is impossible for me to make out a single lyric. The band known as Gruesome performs in this style--where the lyrics are growled more than they are sung--and they're the performers on this Musical Monday of the 31 Nights of Halloween.

Is the song in today's video in English? Damned if I know. But the mini-horror movie that makes up the video is far better than many of the ones you'll be wasting 80 or more minutes of your life on this month.

Gruesome: Dimensions of Horror (2016)
Starring Gruesome and Uncredited Actresses
Director: Unknown
Rating: Nine of Ten Stars

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