Saturday, October 20, 2018

Saturday Scream Queen: Amy Smart

This is Amy Smart's second appearance as a Saturday Scream Queen, but, as you'll see if you watch "The Visitant"--appearing here this evening as part of the 31 Nights of Halloween celebration--you'll see that it's well deserved. In fact, if you've seen any the horror films she's had a large role in, you know it's well deserved.

Born in 1976, she studied dance and acting as a child, and had her first professional acting gigs in 1996. She added horror films to her resume in 1997 with "Campfire Tales" and "Strangelands" and they've been a regular part of her busy schedule ever since.

Horror films in the past ten years that have been graced by Smart's presence are "Mirrors" and "Seventh Moon", both released in 2008; "Among Ravens", Flight 7500", "Run for You Life", and "The Visitant" (all debuting in 2014); "Hangman" (2015); and, most recently, "The Keeping Hours" (2017).

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