Sunday, September 13, 2020

Terror on the Thirteenth: Seagrass

Here's a little something that will bring a chill to the waning summer heat...

Seagrass (2019)
Starring: Charlotte Butcher
Director: Dylan Clark
Rating: Ten of Ten Stars

A teenager (Butcher) is cleaning up the beach at the end of summer when she comes upon something more than just trash.

Charlotte Butcher in "Seagrass" (2019)

I considered holding this great short film from Dylan Clark for the annual Terror Titans 31 Nights of Halloween short film festival, but I decided that it's best seen during these waning days of summer. It is also a preview of some of the excellence I have planned for next month--as it's a horror short film that does not need jump-scares or overblown music to build dread or conclude on a surprisingly shocking note.

More greatness from Dylan Clark will be seen in this space, next month.

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