Monday, February 8, 2010

'Slashed Dreams' describes what'll happen
to your hopes of watching a good movie

Slashed Dreams (aka "Sunburst") (1973)
Starring: Peter Hooten, Katherine Baumann, James Keach, and Robert Englund
Director: James Polakof
Rating: Three of Ten Stars

A pair of college students (Hooten and Baumann) decide to seek out their Thoreau-wannabe friend in the woods (Englund). Unfortunately, there are vicous redneck rapists lurking near this particular pond, and when the couple go skinny-dipping, they bring them out. Rape and wimpy vigilantism ensue.

"Slashed Dreams" is a meandering, pointless movie. If you're into movies that spend most of their time showing a pair of college kids hiking around then this is the film for you. Be warned, though. There are several wimpy, 1970s songs included here, and you may find yourself wishing that someone would rape the singer just to make the pain stop. And as the credit rolls, you may find yourself wondering why the couple whose lives have just been shattered are walking off into the sunset.

Whether too deep for me to understand, or too stupid to be understood by anyone, "Slashed Dreams" can only be described as a waste of time.

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  1. I agree, this film was a bloody (well, bloodless) waste. The finale was a huge let-down--a little man-on-man mudwrestling isn't exactly a grand showdown in my book. A watered down exploitation move that seems to have been marketed as a watered down slasher flick. Interesting strategy, at least.