Monday, October 12, 2015

31 Nights of Halloween: First Night in the New House

Getting used to sleeping in a new place can be challenging... especially when you have a roommate.

First Night in the New House (2015)
Starring: Katelyn Marie Marshall and Mariam Roth
Director: Marc Fratto
Rating: Ten of Ten Stars

This is one of the absolute best shorts you'll see during this festival of mini-films. The attention to detail in it is amazing--especially the sound design. (I thought I'd spotted a flaw and the evil critic in my shot to the surface with 'AHA! Only Nine Stars for you!"... but when I watched it a second time, I realized that it was *me* that hadn't paid quite enough attention.

Fratto and the rest of the gang at Insane-o-Rama Productions are releasing this short film as an invitation to contribute to a Crowdfunded feature film that will star Katelyn Marie Marshall in a similar role, but the dangers threatening her and her family in the new house are far more numerous and deadlier than in "First Night in the New House."

Click here to learn more about Insane-o-Rama's efforts to raise funds for the feature film "Crazyhouse." Their desire to build a community among the contributors/investors looks especially interesting.

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