Friday, December 25, 2015

Scary Christmas: A Christmas Requiem

For some, Christmas is just another work day. Even so, once in a while, they can stop and bring a just a small amount of Christmas cheer to an otherwise miserable existence...

A Christmas Requiem (2013)
Starring: Trisha Hershberger, DJ Wooldridge, Josh Calvin, Sam Bashor, and Lexi Burrows
Director: DJ Woolridge
Rating: Eight of Ten Stars

This is a well-made, depressing little film that suffers from a bad casting choice in the sense that the two male leads are too similar in appearance. They're both good in their parts, with Woolridge in particular showing a nice range of emotions in his performance, but when the scene changes, viewers will momentarily think we may be in a flashback.

Scary Crhistmas: A Gift for the One Who Has Everything

This is the story of a woman who doesn't understand the meaning of the words "Christmas Spirit."

The Gift for the One Who Has Everything (2014)
Starring: Zoe Wilson and Martin Yates
Director: Martin Yates and Calum McPhaill
Rating: Seven of Ten Stars


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Scary Christmas: Here Comes Santa

Seriously, kids. Don't try to sneak a peek at Santa. You may not live to regret it. Here's another cautionary tale about a youngster too clever for his own good.

Here Comes Santa (2014)
Starring: Oscar Malcolm and Tom Stanley
Director: Chris Thomas
Rating: Eight of Ten Stars

Scary Christmas: Christmas Fire

Atmospheric, creepy... and guaranteed to make any Christmas spirit you're feeling vanish like a puff of smoke.

Christmas Fire (2013)
Starring: Alessio Morello
Director: Alessio Morello
Rating: Eight of Ten Stars

Scary Christmas: Deathly Presents

Continuing our mini-Christmas marathon, here's another holiday chiller. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it's pretty scary!

Deathly Presents (2015)
Starring: Oliver Ebsworth, Sian Breckin, and Jonah Russell
Directors: Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton
Rating: Eight of Ten Stars

Scary Christmas: Santa

We're celebrating Christmas the only way we know how ere at Terror Titans... with scary movies! Feel free to join us every six hours (or so) for the next two days!

We're kicking it off with a cautionary tale you want to watch with the kiddies... it shows why it's a bad idea to wait up for Santa.

Santa (2013)
Starring: Maria Olympiu, Achilleas Sakelariou, and Apostolis Tampaksis
Directors: Dionysis Atzarakis & Manos Atzarakis
Rating: Nine of Ten Stars