Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Scream Queen:
Susan Denberg

One of who knows how many promising actresses whose careers have been ruined by too much partying and too many drugs, German-born Susan Denberg's brief career of two movies and two television appearances only included one horror film, but what a great horror film it was!

Denberg played both monster and victim in "Frankenstein Created Woman", a film that is not only one of the best of the Peter Cushing-starring Hammer Films Frankenstein films, but also one of the best and most unusual Frankenstein films to ever be made, period. It's a tale of love and revenge from the beyond the grave, as Baron Frankenstein takes a break from stitching dead body parts together and instead turned to experimenting with the souls of the recently departed.

Denberg worked briefly as a showgirl in Las Vegas before turning to acting in Los Angeles. After great initial success, the party scene derailed her career. She left show business behind shortly after completing "Frankenstein Created Woman" and returned to her native Germany. Despite rumors of her death--partly generated by some fans confusing her with hard-living and hard-partying actress Barbara Payton who coincidentally died in 1967, the same year Denberg retired from acting--Denberg is presently living in Austria under her real name, Dietlinde Zechner.

Click here to read an article at The Peter Cushing Collection that includes a review of "Frankenstein Created Woman".

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