Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Scream Queen:
Yvonne Furneaux

French actress Yvonne Furneaux is best known to horror buffs as the object of undead lust in Hammer's "The Mummy" (1958), while fans of fantasy films know her as the lust object of just about anyone anywhere in the World in "The Lion of Thebes" (1960).

Furneaux enjoyed a long and varied career, appearing in many "serious" films, along side a range of horror, suspense, and fantasy pictures. No matter what genre of film she appeared in, her strikingly pale eyes were instantly recognizable.

Furneaux retired from acting in the mid-1980s, with her last film role being the titular character in the bizarre farce "Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tilly".


  1. Not bad. But given her recent passing and her role in key films, shouldn't Gloria Stuart be honored here soon?

  2. I gave Stuart some "ink" the weeks she passed in a Picture Perfect Wednesday post, which you can check by clicking here. However, since I've given Milla Jovovich multiple posts both here and in that series--not to mention Anna May Wong and Louise Brooks--it's only fair that Gloria Stuart should get a little more exposure. (And exposure is mostly the order of the Saturday here. I'll see what I can dig up!)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!