Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Little Corey Gorey' should be avoided

Little Corey Gorey (1993)
Starring: Todd Fortune, Pat Gallagher, Brenda Pope, and Greg Sachs
Director: William Morroni
Rating: Four of Ten Stars

A high school student (Fortune) who suffers non-stop abuse at the hands of sadistic stepmother (Gallagher) and stepbrother (Sachs) finds freedom from torment through a string of mishaps and murders. But will he also find romance with the school slut (Pope)?

"Little Corey Gorey" is an attempted dark comedy that does everything wrong. It's got a bad script that is a chaotic mess with several subplots that don't amount to anything, it's got a cast of actors that range from weak to awful, indifferent camerawork, virtually bloodless murders (despite the implication in the title and the fact they're committed with chunks of glass, a table saw, an ax, and a car), and some very bad re-dubbing of scenes at many occassions.

It's a film that's only fit for a bad movie night. However, the characters, their actions, and the bizarre, twisted modern-day fairy tale vibe that echoes through the film are sufficiently strange to make it a perfect candidate for such.

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