Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Scream Queen: Shirley Anne Field

Raised in an orphanage after she and her brother were abandoned by their impoverished mother, British actress Shirley Anne Field first entered show-business as a pin-up model in the early 1950s. By the middle of that decade, she'd moved onto movies, first in bit parts where she was cast for her curvacious good looks, but her gifts for acting soon saw her moving up to real roles.

Among her earliest parts with a little meat to them were an appearance in the obscure chiller "Horror of the Black Museum" (1957) and the imfamous proto-slasher flick "Peeping Tom" (1960). In 1963, Field starred in one of Hammer Films' most unusual releases, the sci-fi horror flick "These Are the Damned", and she gave a good accounting of herself. However, she would not appear in another horror film until the very disappointing "House of the Living Dead" ten years later. Field is great--and even sexy and youthful-enough in appearance to be playing a character who is 25 as opposed to her actual age of 35 at the time--but almost everything else in this slow-moving gothic horror story is dull and drab.

"House of the Living Dead" is Field's final horror movie to date, but she has appeared in numerous thrillers, in both supporting and leading roles.

Now 71, Field still possesses good looks and remains a busy working actress. She appeared in three different productions in 2010, and has been reported to have a role in "Tranfer at Aachen", a crime drama that seems to be all over the internet but which likewise does not seem to have received an official release.


  1. Oh yes, she makes my eyes happy - but I'll avoid trying to look at her through binoculars - for obvious reasons, considering her resume...

  2. She really was a living doll and she seriously did remain quite attractive throughout most of her life. Knowing that fact serves only to drive home how unfortunate her late life abuse of plastic surgery has marred her lovely features. One can only hold onto something for so long, so don't foul up what nature gave you!

  3. I was unaware of the plastic surgery. Maybe the photos of her older weren't as recent as I thought they were...

  4. In "The War Lover," I don't know who who was prettier? Field...or Robert Wagner.