Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Scream Queen: Jennifer Aniston

This week's Scream Queen is perhaps the biggest reach yet, as American actress Jennifer Aniston, best known for her role on the 1990s sit-com "Friends", has spent her career making people scream with laugher rather than terror. And she's only rarely screamed herself.

But it's Easter weekend, so I figured it was okay to put up a ham.

Jennifer Aniston's single horror outing to date was her first starring role in a feature film--1992's offbeat chiller "Leprechaun". The film was treated harshly by critics, and, even if the film was a commercial success, Aniston was seriously considering quitting acting after making it.

But then she found "Friends", and she transformed into the star of screen and television that we know today.


  1. How's your back, Steve? Do you need to sit down? I kid - I'm a kidder - she's always been fetching - and it's kind of cool to only have ONE horror movie on your resume - so glad to have her aboard!

  2. Doesn't she like, refuse to ever answer any questions about Leprechaun in interviews and stuff because she's a big bitch about it and is all embarrassed that she was ever in the movie?

    Yeah, I don't think I would have included her... she's got no sense of fun that the Leprechaun movies bring.

  3. Michele: Her embarrassment over "Leprechaun" makes it even more important to emphasize it and her involvement in it. :)

  4. Craig: Doing fine... thanks for asking :) :)