Wednesday, October 31, 2018

31 Nights of Halloween: Treaters

Two friends who are invited in a big Halloween night score by a mysterious third kid: Why just settle for the candy they can get by going door to door when they can just rob the candy shop?

Like any good heist movie, this one's got a break-in, reversals, betrayals, and a daring getaway. Like any good horror movie, it's got tons of atmosphere and surprise twists. It's a great little film for you to spend a few minutes on, on this the last of the 31 Nights of Halloween for 2018!

Treaters (2017)
Starring: Leila Wetton, James Grogan, Renate Morley, and Charlie Huckett
Director: Peter Stanley-Ward
Rating: Nine of Ten Stars


The last of the 31 Nights of Halloween is almost here! Let's celebrate with song!

By Fletcher Kinnear

31 Nights of Halloween: Tricker's Treat

The Big Night is almost here, and so I present a cautionary tale. Watch and consider what you see, because I would hate for anyone reading this to draw the ire of the Halloween Spirits who roam freely this time of year.

Tricker's Treat (2012)
Starring: Paul Hernandez and Mitch Kerzic
Director: Danny Green
Rating: Eight of Ten Stars

31 Nights of Halloween: The Jester, Chapter 2

The Big Night is here, and I hope you are ready for the onslaught of ghouls and goblins and ghosts that will be running wild in the streets. We also hope you show the appropriate amount of Halloween cheer (or is that fear?)... especially if you come face to face with the Jester.

The Jester first made his appearance at Terror Titans, exactly one year ago. Now he has returned....

The Jester: Chapter 2 (2018)
Starring: Michael Scheffield, Rebecca Rose, and Nick Lewis
Director: Colin Krawchuck
Rating: Ten of Ten Stars

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

31 Nights of Halloween: A Tap at the Window

If tonight's short film doesn't creep you out, you need to check your pulse... you may be one of the walking dead haunting these 31 Nights of Halloween! This is one of the best film's I've featured this year!

A Tap at the Window (2018)
Starring: Cindy Pham and Dru Blohm-Craig
Directors: Jimmy Ren and Jack Vang
Rating: Ten of Ten Stars

Monday, October 29, 2018

31 Nights of Halloween: One Selfie Plz

Halloween is almost here, so tonight I'm presenting a short film is part treat, part trick, just in case you need a little extra spark to get that Halloween Spirit going. (This may not be the most technically accomplished film, but it's a lot of fun.)

One Selfie Plz (2015)
Starring: Mohammad Salim Khan and Tharani Kharthikesu
Director: Skraddha Ramteke
Rating: Six of Ten Stars

Musical Mondays: Don't Fear the Reaper by Exploring Birdsong

For the Final Musical Monday of this year's 31 Nights of Halloween, I've chosen what may be one of the most haunting, beautiful versions of "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" ever recorded.

However, I think it needed more cowbell.