Sunday, November 1, 2015

31 Nights of Halloween: Wait 'Till Next Year

The big day has come and gone. I thank everyone who swung by to check out the short films. Maybe we'll see each other again next October? Maybe I'll even post a review or two between now and then.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this last film.

Wait 'Till Next Year (2014)
Starring: Nicholas Aster and Brandon Elonzae
Director: Tessa Lopez-Scott
Rating: Nine of Ten Stars

Saturday, October 31, 2015

31 Nights of Halloween: Selfie

The big night is here... and Drew Daywalt brings us one more, well-constructed mini-chiller to kick it off. Will you be taking any selfies this Halloween? (Daywalt mixes up the closing jump scare a bit. That earns this one another star.)

Selfie (2013)
Starring: Jenny Kendall Jones
Director: Drew Daywalt
Rating: Eight of Ten Stars

Halloween is here... and the big sale is almost over!

Your chance to get one of more of NUELOW Games's 33 scariest releases for 33% off is almost over! There are just a few more days left on the big Halloween sale! Don't let it pass you buy!

I particularly recommend "Werewolf Hunter" Vols. 1 and 2, as the first one has all-new fiction by yours truly and the second all-new fiction by Angela Beegle... and chilling werewolf tales by Robert E. Howard, fantastic comics introducing Armand Broussard, the Werewolf Hunter himself!

Click here to view the entire listing of titles on sale.Get some now to make your Halloween extra scary!

Friday, October 30, 2015

31 Nights of Halloween: Playing with the Devil

Three sisters and a Japanese spirit summoning ritual... how can this end anything but badly?

Playing with the Devil (2014)
Starring: Rachel Frain, Valerie Trevherz, and Jessica Hadlock
Director: Nick Stentzel
Rating: Ten of Ten Stars

Thursday, October 29, 2015

31 Nights of Halloween: Dollface

Halloween is just a couple nights away. I hope your Halloween doesn't turn out like it does for the characters in today's film. I'm not sure it makes much sense, but it's pretty scary!

Dollface (2013)
Starring: Jen Dede, Kimberly Atkinson, Nick Holmes, Roma Maffia, and Shelly Wenk
Director: Colin Campbell
Rating: Seven of Ten Stars

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Anthologies of Egyptian-themed Horror Comics on Sale Now!

With Halloween drawing near, NUELOW Games is having a sale on all of its horror titles. Among these are "Horrors of Egypt" (with stories illustrated by such great talents as Joe Kubert and Al Camy) and "The Curse of Egypt" (with art by the legendary Steve Ditko). Each title also contains new feats and other material by yours truly, intended to bring Egyptian-flavored supernatural themes to you d20 System-based roleplaying characters and campaigns.

Both "Horros of Egypt" and "The Curse of Egypt" are currently available for 33%  off the usual price, so now would be a perfect time to get yourself books full of great comics and RPG material that will get you in the Halloween spirit. (The sale prices continue though November 2, 2015.

(Each is also available for an even lower price in the Bundle of Horror collection--which holds 20 different anthologies and game products brimming with Halloween goodness (including short stories by yours truly and the legendary Robert E. Howard) for the price of the very Halloweenish price of $13!)

31 Nights of Halloween: Delete

Tonight's entry's is familiar to lovers of Japanese horror, even if this one is from Malaysia.

 Delete (2014)
Starring: Koe Yeet, Kylie Chong, amanda Chong, Alicia Tan, and
Director: Sidney Chan
Rating: Seven of Ten Stars