Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Scream Queen: Olivia Wilde

With all the women who spend time and money turning themselves into blondes, one would think that actress Olivia Wilde would be happy with her status as a natural blonde. But no. She spends time and money becoming a brunette. "I feel like a brunette," she said in an interview once.

Perhaps best known for her portrayal of "Thirteen" on the long-running television medical drama "House," Wilde also has a growing resume of big-screen credits to her name.

Wilde's film career focuses mostly on comedies and science fiction, but she also starred in the 2006 torture porn-slasher flick "Turistas" and her upcoming film "In Time" falls into the border area between horror and sci-fi.

And, of course, there are alien monsters in "Cowboys and Aliens", which opened in theaters this week.

Olivia Wilde, before the dye


  1. i forgot about that. gotta go check that movie out tommorow

  2. It's great fun with a surprisingly well-crafted script. While the characters are all Western-genre archetypes, even the minor supporting ones get little character touches that give them some dimension. For a movie whose selling point is basically aliens blowing the hell out of cowboys and visa-versa, a lot more thought seems to have cone into characters here. More than in some allegedly "character-driven" movies I've seen.