Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Scream Queen: Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth is a model turned actress--a common career path for Scream Queens. Her first professional acting jobs were bit parts on television, but her first major role was in "Jack Frost" where her character was killed off in what will surely forever be a unique scene in film history: She was raped to death by a killer snowman.

Although best known for her role as Nadia in the first two "American Pie" films, Elizabeth's resume is peppered with horror flicks, including the horror spoof "Scary Movie", remakes "13 Ghosts" and "Night of the Demons" and retro-chillers "You Belong to Me" and "Cursed."


  1. She does have that death scene all to herself in the Hollywood History Book, doesn't she? I thought I'd mention a couple of the other sundry places one can see Ms. Elizabeth that are a little off the beaten path - she popped up in the Iron Man comic as herself, apparently a Tony Stark paramour, back in 2003 or 2004. She's definitely featured in the splash page of the issue - though I'm not sure what issue it was. She also plays the Bond girl in voice and form for the game Everything or Nothing with Pierce Brosnan. She is easy on my eyes. Thank you for posting her.