Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Nights of Halloween: Thriller!

Today is a little something different. I bring you a short film that is also one of the all-time classic music videos. If you haven't already seen the full-length version Michael Jackson's Thriller, I think you'll find this tribute to classic monster movies lots of fun.

So... sit back and watch as date night turns into fright night... with singing, a backbeat, and dancing zombies! Almost 30 years later, it's still true that no mere mortal can resist--the evil of the Thriller! (And it's still a better love story than "Twilight".)

Thriller (1983)
Starring: Michael Jackson, Ola Ray, and Vincent Price
Director: John Landis
Rating: Nine of Ten Stars

And since we're here, here are some neat covers. (Of course, they all suffer from the fact that Vincent Price was not around to provide narration in his unmatchable voice.)

First off, here's a quirky and fun a-cappella version--because there ain't no second chance against the thing with the forty eyes!

Next up, it's a hard rock version by The Love Crave that emphasizes the darkness and horror--because there are demons closing in on every side!

And here's Australian band Kortini presents an updated, rock version that keeps the playful mood of Jackson's original intact even as the band makes the song their own. And note that the original lyric "where's the dime" has become "where's the time"--because does anyone know what a pay phone even was anymore?

And, finally, it's a video that takes us full circle as it provides a narrative to go with the music of an instrumental version performed on ukulele by Matt Dahlberg.

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