Wednesday, October 3, 2018

31 Nights of Halloween: The Bridge Partner

You don't see many slow-burn psychological thrillers during the "31 Nights of Halloween, not only because they're hard to pull off in the length of time films are limited to here, but also because they just dont' seem very "Halloweeny". However, tonight's offering is so good--the story, the pacing, the casting... everything is just about perfect here--that it HAD to be part of this year's horror mini-film festival.

And since the month has barely started, and the Halloween Creatures are just now waking from their slumber, I'm sure there will be no objections to something a little different.

The Bridge Partner (2015)
Starring: Beth Grant, Sharon Lawerence, Robert Forster, and Catherine Carlen
Director: Gabriel Olson
Rating: Eight of Ten Stars

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