Friday, October 5, 2018

31 Nights of Halloween: Pumpkin Eyes

There plenty of reviews here at Terror Titans that illustrate that I'm rather squemish when it comes to the sort of graphic violence that was a hallmark of the now-thankfully mostly extinct subgenre of torture porn. Today's short film, though, made me squirm and grimace and want to fast forward past the gory bits (even though most of them are implied rather than shown, which makes them worse!) as much as any of those films ever did. But I soldidered on, because in addition to making me feel uncomfortable, this film also made me smile... because in addition to be the kind of horror that really horrifies me, it's also silly and goofy. That, in turn, makes it a worth viewing during this year's 31 Days of Halloween.

Plus, who out there can't relate to the work party that's volunteer-but-mandatory to attend?

Pumpkin Eyes (2015)
Starring: Colten Phillips and Caleb Dish
Director: Jacob Perrett
Rating: Six of Ten Stars

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