Wednesday, October 31, 2018

31 Nights of Halloween: Treaters

Two friends who are invited in a big Halloween night score by a mysterious third kid: Why just settle for the candy they can get by going door to door when they can just rob the candy shop?

Like any good heist movie, this one's got a break-in, reversals, betrayals, and a daring getaway. Like any good horror movie, it's got tons of atmosphere and surprise twists. It's a great little film for you to spend a few minutes on, on this the last of the 31 Nights of Halloween for 2018!

Treaters (2017)
Starring: Leila Wetton, James Grogan, Renate Morley, and Charlie Huckett
Director: Peter Stanley-Ward
Rating: Nine of Ten Stars


  1. Hehe...that was fun! Happy Halloween! :-)

  2. Interesting, did not see the twist at the end coming. Hope you had a good Halloween!

  3. Same to you! I was working, but it was a light night, so I no complaints. :)