Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Scream Queens: Jennifer Lim

English actress Jennifer Lim was born in London in 1980, and her first major film role was as one of the hapless travelers who become victims in the 2005 torture porn flick "Hostel". 

The following year, she starred in the first made-for-distribution-via-cellphone series "When Evil Calls," which was later edited together into the direct-to-DVD film of the same name. Although in her mid-twenties at the time, she carried off playing an outcast teenager who inadvertently brings terror and destruction upon her schoolmates with a demon-infested cellphone.

After these two roles, Lim has more or less stayed away from the horror genre, but the fact she's been in a couple of sci-fi films-- "Womb" in 2010 ad the forthcoming "Piercing Brightness"--gives one hope that she will eventually grace another chiller with her presence.

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  1. Haven't seen those movies - but can totally see her playing a teenager from that picture!