Thursday, October 31, 2019

31 Nights of Halloween: The Last Laugh

We conclude the 5th annual 31 Nights of Halloween with the appropriately titled "The Last Laugh". We hope you enjoy this tale of terror and the just end to the sort of Hollywood figures who appear in the things we cover over at Shades of Gray. (The supposed scenes from the old sit-com could have been better executed, but those are really the only flaws in this otherwise neat film.)

The Last Laugh (2015)
Starring: Jan Munroe, Rob Mathes, and Alexandra Olson
Director: Zeke Pinheiro
Rating: Seven of Ten Stars

Terror Titans is not quite ready to return to the gave until 2020, however. We'll be back in December with a few Christmas-themed horror shorts (for those who need an antidote for Holiday Cheer)... and who knows? Maybe there'll even be a film review or two, just for old's time sake!

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